What is Depression?

Depression is a mental state of low mood and aversion to activity,  which affects more than 280
million people of all ages worldwide.

How To Overcome from Depression?

Here are some ways to Overcome from Depression:

• Meditation: Meditation plays very important role to fight with depression.
When you suffer from depression, your body undergoes severe conflict. Meditating not
only calms the mind, but also soothes away the worries.

• Change the daily routine: Changing the daily routine and incorporating something new
go a long way in recuperating you from the mental dullness and fatigue.

• Regular Exercises: Everyday exercise not only keeps the body fit and healthy, but also
goes a long way in easing and calming the mind. You need not indulge in strenuous
exercises, but must make it a conscientious habit to work out a bit daily.

• Speak with people around you: Engaging in conversations with the people, telling them
what exactly is troubling you are proven ways to combat depression.

• Make a support system: Depression is almost always followed by an unfathomable sense
of loneliness. Talking to others does help, but at the same time try to develop a support
system. Find an individual, be it parents, relatives or friends and confide in him or her.
Not sharing what you are going through is never a solution and only exacerbates the
fatality of the situation.